My name is
Rannia Makrigianni
and this is my

Copyright 2016

I am a visual designer and illustrator with passion for visual communication and main interests on graphic / editorial design, book illustration, photography and video.

I started studying graphic design while I was already studying Marketing & Communication in Athens University of Economics & Business. It was pure love for visual communication.

I am also interested in photography and video making & editing and I have experience in film poster making. I love collage and mixed media compositions, illustration, editorial, zines, interactivity and working with analog types of materials.

In my work, I always try to include meaningful connotations and sometimes a sense of humour.
Even if I always aim to be conceptually motivated, I like to use also simple meanings and sometimes playful content.

Through the years I've studied, I also followed some theoretic studies in Communication, which I believe have helped me to understand better many aspects or problems that have occurred while working.
Recently, I continued my studies with a Master's degree in Communication design and I work as a freelancer graphic designer & illustrator between Athens and Porto.

If you feel like contacting me, don't hesitate to drop a line!