My name is
Rannia Makrigianni
and this is my

Copyright 2016

'Who's afraid of the pillow?' is a personal project that began as an academic project for the first year of my Masters' course in ESAD Matosinhos, in Porto.

It is inspired by our fears and phobias and the main idea is based on the appearance and disappearance of them. In the daylight they appear and transform the cute animal into a beast and they disappear at night and our sweet friend is with us again on our pillow - a company for our dreams.
But fears may also come at night when it's much harder to face them. The 'Who's afraid of the pillow?' heroes want to remind you that they there is no reason for stress, even they sometimes try to make you feel you the opposite!

Each one of them has its own story, which is being presented in the catalogue, but if anyone wishes, he can get to know them better!